I watched the 3 part marathon special of this tv series entitled MAY BUKAS PA.It's main character is a boy named Santino(meaning Little Saint) who was raised by the priests of a place called Bagong Pag-Asa.I'm actually starting to love the compelling twist of fate as the pious boy walks through his pilgrimage.The marathon which obviously started from the very beginning up to the last episode is very perfect this holy season.It enlightens the mind of those who're blindfolded by the plagues of life and teaches "how life would be like with God by your side?".He was even called "Miracle Boy" because he can miraculously restore the health and life of anyone under a curse-like illness.But it was restrained by an order appealed by the court with the masochistic antagonism of the Mayor of Bagong Pag-Asa.Maybe miracles are meant to be on the top of all mind boggling mysteries.Yet no one can explain the biggest "WHY?" everyone still believes it.They simply do! don't they?After several touchy flicks I got stunned in a scenario and it goes like this. . .

The Mayor(Antagonist) started a rally with his townspeople behind, questioning the power Santino has and accusing the priest of something that was allegedly done on their past.There were several throwing of argumentative lines and then Santino picked a stone.And you know what he did to the stone? (You will probably think that he will throw it on the Mayors face, and I sort of think it that way -I would love to see the villain get hurt!) but Santino made me drop my jaw as he showed the stone to the townspeople and said "Sabi ni Bro, kung sino ang walang kasalanan siya ang unang pumukol ng bato".A sudden pause and he continued the heart penetrating, guilt stimulating words from his heart.Then he went closer to the Mayor and handed to him the stone.The Mayor turned red, his hands were shaking then dropped the stone and ran away with guilt over him.Everything was like deafen by serenity and silence as they walk away from the boy who showed them the stone that momentarily opened their senses to understand "WE ARE MERE MORTALS -SO WE ARE ALL SINNERS".Literally, my jaw drop again and I even thought it would hit the floor.His words are captivating ;he is inevitably AWESOME.-He is one of the darnedest.

Now with the might of his words covered by God.No wonder he can totally change the world.You can too! Remember there's always a Santino inside you.
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