I dreamed a Dream by Susan Boyle

The saying "Looks are Misleading" or "Do not judge the book by it's cover" was once again proved to us by an unassuming contestant from Britain's Got Talent named Susan Boyle.An all alone 48 years old,odd looking,unemployed woman which has a thick unkempt hair,bushy eyebrows and totally looks as if she lives on a witch's castle has brought the audience and the judges to drop their jaws and give her a standing ovation during last night's episode.

Before going on stage she spilled out some self-degrading stuffs making the whole audience not to expect anything special from her.But when she opened her mouth and produced the acclaimed "Biggest Surprise Ever" in the three years of airing the show.Everybody was speechless including the witty-line thrower Simon Cowell.Then each of the judges were to do their job -of course to judge.All before she started singing the judges faces and i suppose some of the audiences faces look like they're under a spell of unexplainable ridicule.And she proved them wrong.The laughs from the audience turned into complete silence making her the last one to laugh.Moreover everybody's waiting for the words of Simon and finally he said "“I knew the moment that you stepped in front of us that we were going to hear something remarkable, and I was right.” ".And I were to judge her performance I must say her performance is Extraordinarily PHENOMENAL.

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