Things are bad today.I'm ranting down again.And I don't care if I'll lose the computer ethics I've learned ages ago about cyber bullying.I've gotta find her profile and bully her online.I just have to because I'm not that very vocal to confront her and tell her craps! and that I've been cursing her since then.You're probably wondering why I'm reacting this way??Do you know the feeling when you forgot all of the things you've studied the night before your exam?Do you know the feeling of sudden imbroglios you never knew would come?Do you know the feeling of being left behind?If you do! then I don't care, fat chance!!! though.I started the day in a positive way (and now I know, it doesn't really work for me!) went to school at twelve noon just to trace my way back to where I hailed a vehicle.I went to the barber shop for a very obvious reason! crap -He did a terrible job.I didn't like my haircut much.After that I went to school just to blabber and complain about another problem I've been dealing for almost two weeks.I hate to admit it but I'm never good at cutting into the front line, so I have to wait like a wimp.I grew tired waiting, the air was hot and oh my! the smell and odd faces of the crowd.I'm so over it and I don't wanna look just like them.

Two lousy weeks of the CWTS hustle!!two weeks of finding ways to make it up for the subject.I'm horribly not in the good condition for any fat-chewing sessions that causes me to get pissed with people who intervenes.My accomplishment reports are not complete yet because to tell you honestly I simply don't pass them or even make them every after formation.I know it's all my fault and from here I must say "Don't say it again!", I was the very first one to know.And it's not just that, that you have to consider I've got plenty of valid reasons why?First is my consecutive absences that was caused by grief.Second is that we are assigned on our barangay that I don't have to worry about my lateness; another is that I don't feel like passing things that will sooner or later be dumped and the rest were kept in private.Well I manage to write again but another problem occurred the red ink signature was being monitored.And since I was too late of having my AR's get signed then I've given two simple options.And it's either to have make up class or to forge the goddamn signature.And until now, I don't really know what to choose because if I were to have my make up class, it would hell be hard because as expected late comers will receive much heavier punishments and all.I still don't know what the make up would be like but thinking I've got seven Ar's for make up -No way! that'll took me long.And if ever I'll decide to forge the signature -that's a crime!!right? Now, which way should I take?I still don't know! Can somebody there hit me on the head and tell me what to do?I'm horribly failing -as everything falls apart.

I suddenly remembered the grades! Oh my! now what? I hurriedly went to the Deans office gave my passbook and then waited outside to be called.When my name was called my hopeless little heartbeat stopped for awhile.I swallowed a gulp of spit before entering.As I opened the f*ckin teacher was there! he's bluffing he can't just give me unsatisfying grades!! I never even saw him in front of our class since he took in charge after our subject teacher went to Pennsylvania leaving the student teacher to teach? Teach? you think that's teaching?She's never good at it.And as if it can be referred to as teaching! she was just talking alien in front of the class.I couldn't even hardly hear her.She has no guts! no potential and all.She even asks if we both have the same answers? and as always she'll turn out wrong!WTF.I took the removal exam since I did a terrible job at finals, and finally -FAILING WAS THE LAST STRAW.I got singko!
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