After the instant stardom Susan Boyle comes another superb performance from a 12 year old boy named Jal Joshua.Only that Jal Joshua's stunning performance was set to make history in Australia's Got Talent and not, of course in Britain.Haha.Jal Joshua Lebumfacil may have not brought the bacon! but he still proved to us that Filipino's are born with the passion for singing and the powerful voice every Filipino has.He got the 2nd place in Australia's Got Talent and wittily said "You're really awesome. I hate opera but you're really good." to Mark (the Grand Winner) right after the winner's proclamation.He garnered applauses from the audience and his fans after saying that to Mark.Jal sang Barry Manilow's One Voice.After his performance he also received praises and fair words from the judges!!

"The purity of your voice is so beautiful. I actually watched the show back again just to see you sing and if there was young talent time, you'll be on it so we could hear you singing every week."-said Dannii Minogue.While Grant Denyer said " "He continues to blow us ever since. There is no doubt we discovered an incredible young talent with a very broad future ahead. You are an unbelievable talent. Well done, an extra ordinary talent, a great discovery. ".

It must be his last appearance in Australia's Got Talent but it certainly won't be his last in the music industry!!

To see his performance!play the embedded video below:

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