Grand Beauty Face Off!

Last Sunday Kristen Dalton from North Carolina was crowned Miss USA 2009 at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.The pageant was televised and aired live by NBC.Of the 50 beauty queens coming from different states and districts only Kristen has made it to compete for Miss Universe.While six Sundays before the US Pageant was another pageant from the east.Philippines,Pamela Bianca Manalo was crowned as Miss Philippines-Universe during a Miss Philippines 2009 coronation night at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon city, metro Manila on March 8, 2009.They're both 22 years old and both of them will compete for the title Miss Universe 2009 this coming August 23, 2009 at Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas.The coming Pageant will be aired live on NBC and Telemundo.It's not just the two of them who'll compete for the crown and the title, there are more than 80 countries around the world expected to show off their 'very bests' to win.Each contestant will be judged in three categories first is the swimsuit, then evening gown and interview as they vie for the coveted title of Miss Universe 2009.

According to one of my sources it was predicted by four french necromancers that Miss Universe 2009 will be bombarded by intrigues,rumors and scandals.These group of necromancers were psychics studying in University of Paris. According to them, they predicted some unusual yet became headline events like the death of Heath Ledger, election of Barack Obama as first black president of USA; and other concerning pageants like Miss USA 2007 and 2008 slipped during MU coronation night, the deaths three beauty queens, and Miss World 2008 will be Russia. Today, another revelation came and they foresaw the upcoming Miss Universe 2009.

The prediction includes the winners as what these four acclaimed psychics collectively foresaw together and below is the summary of what's gonna happen (according to them).

TOP 15: Philippines, Puerto Rico, Turkey, USA, Russia, Venezuela, Colombia, India, Israel, Curacao, Montenegro, Poland, Cayman Islands, Bolivia and Mexico.
TOP 10: India, Mexico, USA, Philippines, Turkey, Israel, Colombia, Curacao, Puerto Rico, Montenegro
TOP 5: Turkey, Colombia, Israel, Phlippines, India
THIRD RUNNER-UP - Miss Colombia
MISS UNIVERSE 2009 - Miss Philippines
I don't know.Though I am in favor of "Miss Philippines" to won the title but it's an ill-defined prediction.A prediction as it is.And let's leave it that way.

Well let's fuss over the "Beauty Slipping" thingy, it's really intriguing but I'm forced to believe those stage slipping moments were planned.Well it certainly can make anyone popular! just like the above mentioned Miss USA 2007 and Miss USA 2008 because it actually garnered them popularity in YouTube.In that sense! it makes sense at all.haha.

Now, you see those two Beauties above?These two beautiful young ladies are set to make history in the annual Miss Universe Pageant.Now, notwithstanding the other contestants who do you think will reign of the two of them?Miss Philippines or Miss USA?
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