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I've been into varieties of social networking sites throughout the net these days.I'm currently addicted at Plurk, well I signed myself up at twitter because some fellow blogger told me that it's another way of building up lots of traffic.Yes! I signed up because of that! I would be a total hypocrite if that's not the reason.But prior to that, I've been really keeping an eye on twitter because almost everyone has been talking about it lately and that my friends has accounts of their own at twitter, so might as well I should go sign myself up on that site.I've been into Twitter for almost a month from now but I only have 4 updates.My every minute at Twitter has been lame and all but knowing It can help me on blog traffics through sharing links of my articles makes me say -that's fair!.As I was hopping from post to post, articles to articles and blogs about Twitter I've spotted one informing that even Hollywood Celebrities also have twitter accounts.And I think that's another point of why people should create an account at Twitter now.As I was searching for "the most searched celebrity at twitter" a name fell down from the heavens and made my jaw drop.Oh my it's Paris!!

Yes! you've read that right! it's one of the most adored Celebrity yet the most controversial at Hollywood -Paris Hilton.I'm not actually an avid fan of her -but I can say she's the most beautiful,barbie-like creature ever existed.And to tell you, I've only watched one movie of her and it's "THE HOUSE OF WAX".That movie is a good thriller but Paris role there was a big bluff!! Yeah -she was inhumanely killed.Back to Twitter, Paris in Twitter has been titled as "The Queen of Twitter Search" since she has beaten Oprah according to SearchEngineland's ranking.And when I opened my twitter account, I obviously had a search on her twitter account.Bad that I wasn't able to see it through searching and Good that we have a mutual friend in common.So, the next probable thing to do is to, of course (what am I there for?) -follow her.I waited only for a couple of minutes and then she hits the accept button and we are FRIENDS(not really -more like online buddies).

I do know she has a myspace blog, so I checked it out to confirm if her Twitter Account is fake or not! and she said last April 14 this year that . .

Hey Everyone! Greetings from Europe, just checking in. On a romantic trip with my boyfriend, it’s so beautiful here. We fly to London tomorrow, so excited, I can’t wait! I’ve been asked a lot recently abut Twitter and there are A LOT of fakes. So just to let everyone know - My one and only real name on Twitter is BABYGIRLPARIS. Have a great day. xoxo Paris

And just recently I found myself lurking on her twits and trying to say/ask something! Are you a big fan of her?Or a big fan of me?haha.kidding.So why not have yourself a steaming cup of coffee while prowling the four corners of Twitter?Sign yourself up and follow me!! Well if you wish to follow her on twitter it's either contact me( though commenting)!haha or search for more related post.You can't just follow her because her Twitter was set to private -meaning "She'll be choosy on accepting FRIENDS".

Well let me clear this thing up to you I'm not getting paid for this post by of course the Twitter Management.Not unless they'll crawl this post and give me rewards for doing such!joke!
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