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Who said girls are the only creature to articulate body insecurities? Men, like girls care almost as much about their appearance.A girl says "Men shouldn't be allowed to enter a shop filled with cosmetics, not unless they're likely to buy something for us!".That's partly true and I won't argue with that.For me going on those girl-flavored places can be quite shameful or really something to be ashamed of!! i don't know -it just came to me that, these days you never know whose straight or not? Of course I don't wanna be labeled "Gay".I might just be as vain as girls do! but it doesn't necessarily mean there's an identity crisis happening.Of course, I don't want to spoil ones day just because I look odd or I smell awful.I'm just vain and that is something you shouldn't be baffled of.I lived in a civilization where same sex relationship is burning up with influence but let me say I was raised by my parents knowing only two sexes.A man and of course, a woman.No offense meant for those of the third,fourth,fifth sexes.Ahaha.

Now I happen to read an article at "Readers Digest" and it's entitled "I married a retrosexual, " by Margaret Wente.And here's an excerpt from her article. . .

Genuine guys are sometimes known as retrosexuals, to distinguish them from metrosexuals, who are men with the good taste of gay men, only they're straight. Metrosexuals are scrupulous about their grooming and are great consumers of men's cosmetic products. They use hair gel. Retrosexuals are scared of hair gel. Some people think that retrosexuals automatically have Neanderthal views about women, but this is not the case. A retrosexual is simply someone who doesn't know the difference between teal and aqua, and frankly couldn't give a damn.

If being vain is being genuine then a genuine guy also goes with the label Retrosexual! Goddamn it.Where did all of these labellings came from? I don't know! Now it sounds to me as if the people nowadays are in no good for naming stuffs! I hate it to be labeled anything aside from a man.Well a man who stays in the mirror much longer than a girl sounds great! but 'Retro'? NEVER!.Well anyway I use GEL!!!And who would? Well, I've received a couple of witty questions asking if I'm gay and I answered them in pronto -.NO NO.But there's this man who had been sort of harassing me through sending 'PM's' in a particular website.He kept on insisting that I'm gay and all that crappy stuff.It was frustrating for me to receive spams saying the same old boring stuff! but weeks later he stopped! The guttersnipes!! he's out of words I guess.Ignoring him had been a lot easier than giving a handful of sh*t in response. I also had an epic confrontation with someone of my dislikes!! He frankly asked if I was gay, right in front of my friends.I don't know how to handle those kind of situations before so as expected I replied "You mean? You know me more than that I do? And if so,what is it to you?".I don't know if my response was defensive enough to proved to him I'm not but instead I felt it made even my friends to suspect.In contrary one of my friend defended for me, right before I said those words in his face.Wait! where am I? Do you think I'm getting far beyond the title? Hmm...

I guess we have a back-minded kind of society when talking about vanity among men,especially here in the Philippines.They judge someone even before they know them.People expects man to stick with a code of machismo where we men, do not have enough freedom to worn our way.Just like of the "Maria Clara" custom/whatever people in the Philippines expects from girls especially those old-fashioned ones.Though I'm not saying that kind of stuff is loosing its existence.They're still part of the society only that it's can't be flaunted.

Now, How vain can men be?

I searched for articles about Vain men and I found David Zinczenko's article on Yahoo under the Health category useful in weighing how vain can men be -in the sense that they won't be titled to as "too retro".And I like his idea saying. .

  • Women may buy more shoes, but men drop the big bucks. When asked how much he'd pay for rock-hard abs (if it was only that easy), the average guy would invest $5,000 of his own money in himself. For movie-star looks in general, he'd drop $17,600. The scary fact: Although more women actually pay for cosmetic enhancements, men who seek medical help for their appearance are twice as likely to opt for an invasive cosmetic procedure like liposuction rather than a non-invasive appearance boost..
Yes! nowadays, money has a lot to do with ones appearance.Six full pack of rock-hard abs?How cool is that?As he said if it was only that easy!Like most of the girls, men are crazy about diet too! Truly we are.To prove "I had an imaginary grape for breakfast" how's that?When shopping we buy goods like non-fat milk,anything lite and of 0 % sugar,calorie and cholesterol.I mean there's nothing wrong about looking what you eat?Anyways doing the usually hard dailies of men is enough to offset a healthy diet.

Vanity among men is really something girls will surely complain about.Why? Because Men usually complains about girls being too vain especially in buying things we boys proclaim "unnecessary".Am I right?Ahh let's just leave it that way.And the reasons of these Vanity symbols on men is pretty much obvious -WE WANT TO LOOK GOOD.And we are mortals too, like you, like everyone else -anything goes! As long as men doesn't overboard to the extend that they'll look like metro.

To my final verdict "Men should act like men, strong beer should truly be strong".Being a man is still mostly about not caring what other people think.Cut off the drama! and be yourself.And remember Vanity comes last before Health.

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