Crap! I lazed all morning in bed.I woke up almost eleven.My stomach is crumbling!! I hurriedly went to the kitchen to see what's for brunch.I saw a bowl of Adobo engrossingly fuming into the noonday air making me crave in temptation.I hastily washed my hands with the hot water coming out from the faucet and noticed the ring! I tried to get it out since it would ruin any chance for me to eat comfortably.It's on my middle finger and its obviously stuck.My sister gave it to me and I was afraid that I might lose it by the time she'll want it back so last night I've decided to find a place to keep it safe.But everybody's sleeping and bad that I am cursed with two elephant feet that can be very audible even if I'll try walking like a cat.Another is that i'm already in bed that my body wouldn't want to go else where but in bed.So what I did was to keep it inside my pocket.Hours later, I woke up looking for the ring.It obviously rolled out of my pocket.Finding a copper ring for almost an hour has totally spoiled my night."Ahh! I found it", I almost screamed.And this time I'll be keeping this thing safely that it won't get out.Ahaha, the most effective and the very obvious place to keep it is in my ring finger.But its not quite tight yet, so I tried wearing it in to my middle finger.It fitted in perfectly that I didn't hesitated to pull it out!!until I totally passed out -dozing.And now, trying to pull the ring out of my finger.It stuck! damn it.If I can't figure a way to get this boring stuff out of my fingers then today's probably my doomsday.

Below are several ways I did to get the stuck ring out of my finger. . .
  • If you were in my shoe, the first thing you'll probably do is to plunge your hands into a soap and water solution,then try pulling the thing out of your finger.I've tried that and it didn't work for me.
  • Another way is to let someone pull it for you.I told my sister to pull it for me and you know what it caused me? it caused me to scream as hell that everyone damned to see what happened.That hurts! and it made my finger red and numb.
  • After the numbing experience that really left my hand ironically painful, I asked my Lola what to do? She was laughing at me then and told me to get her dressmaker's kit.I gave it to her and she handed me scissors! Huh? What shall I do with this stuff?.Obviously to cut the copper ring!!! WTF I almost had my finger cut.
  • I'm carrying the fact that my grandma's scissors won't work.I went to my Lolo with a mere expectation that he knows what to do! And you know what he told me in response? "You get my tool box underneath the sink!".I hurriedly went to the sink in search for his tool box.And look what I found -a much bigger scissor.Oh I might sound silly but if I am to let my Grandpa get this thing out of my hand -then he would probably cut my hand first.So what I did was to tell him another mediocre lie.-I didn't see the tool box.
  • After my looking for something out of nothing expedition I went upstairs to disturb the sleeping lion.I've awaken the lion! Oh my God! "Edwin! wake up, wake up I have somethin to tell ya".I was actually imagining I was saying that while staring at him.Guys, I would like you to meet -my father.As if I can say those in front of his face,Yeah! the lion is indeed my father -coz he's the king.And I wake him up just to get his eyes on me.Yikes! theres a sign board -didn't notice-Do not DISTURB.I went inside the room to see what my mom's doin?She's breastfeeding seventh.That adorable baby!!She can't help me either.
  • Now, it's all up to me.I put my finger between the ajar door.I gently close the door with my other hand leaving the ring to be stuck between the wooded edges.Then pulled myself.I'm in no good now! I had myself hurt because of a stupid ring! it's getting worse.My mid finger swells.
  • After trying that, I went downstairs to see what/who can help me.Just then I've remembered that human hand's skin especially in the fingers wrinkles in water.I tried but later I grew tired.
  • This time -I'm even daring- I was so desperate to get the ring out of my finger that I grabbed a saw.And yes I saw it.An hour later and I gave up.It did not work.
  • What now? I'm facing the humongous scissors from my Lolo's tool box.Haha, Its already 2:00 o'clock and I haven't got any decent meal since I skipped lunch/brunch for this goddamn stuff.WTF.My Lolo was right! the thing helped me -but my sister has a lot to do with it.She's holding the scissors while I positioned the ring.It took us about 20 minutes to get the ring cut and out of my finger!!

What a gush of happiness flowed through my veins.I threw the ring! not wanting it back.And I'll probably wear a ring back by the time I'll take the plunge of marrying someone.And by that time -I'll make sure I wouldn't allow myself to find a way of getting it out.
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