Holy Week started last Sunday with an Early Morning Mass celebrating Palm Sunday.It was a bona fide Sunday morning for me since I have more than enough fun last Saturday because we celebrated the feast of our Patron Saint Sr.San Vicente Ferrer.And inline to that is the last event of the feast -live band.I didn't manage to get myself on any Catholic Churches nearby to attend the Mass that Sunday.And I've been such a dozer of not wanting to for very obvious reasons -I'm tired.Then came late at night when I turned on the Television and there's really something almost all shows and channels has in common.How to celebrate Holy Week?Where to Celebrate and almost all of the documentary shows covers stories of Miracles.Why do I even wonder?It's Holy Season! right?

Philippines known to be the only Christian country in Asia has a lot of customs,traditions and beliefs to be talked about especially this Lenten season.And one of the most catchy thing to be talked about this season are about MIRACLES.Miracle is something bizarre but beneficial.Miracle has substantially different definitions that may depend on people's culture,religion and beliefs.Though people witnessing this kind of divine intervention would say it's something Godly that they just have to believe it.Why not?I never witnessed one personally but I'm looking forward to the day I can oppose to what Nora Aunor said on her award-winning movie "HIMALA"(Miracle) and that is "MAYROONG HIMALA!".

Philippines is blessed with such traditions and beliefs about Miracles.And reported issues about Miracles in the Philippines contributes a wide scale on the country's tourism.There are such places,things and of course events that people abroad will personally come to behold of.But what I liked most are the stories of Animals miraculously has saved their owners.I once spotted a TV series entitled Animal Miracles with Alan Thicke in a particular channel which I can't remember.I was astound of how two birds saved their house from burning and their owners as well.While here in the Philippines one of the most notable miraculous event engaging animals was even reported that dolphins saved Palawan Fisherman a year ago.There's really nothing wrong of believing on miracles -coz they do exist.Why did I say so? Remember that every time we can smell the balmy air of the morning, wake up to see the rising sun is indeed a - MIRACLE.

Let's hop to the Traditional Way of celebrating Holy Week.From Palm Sunday up to Black Saturday is a series of praying,penitence and other emotional yet spiritual happenings.But not with Easter Sunday as is it commemorates the last week of the earthly life of Jesus Christ which culminated on his crucifixion.In the middle of the holy week there's a notable event that changed the lives and points of view of the Filipinos and that is "Penitence".There are various types of penitence and one remarkable way of being flawless is "Crucifixion".Yes! Some people crucifixes themselves on cross just like what Jesus did to save us.Before the crucifixion they are to go under serious briefing with the Catholic authorities.And prior to that also is the passion of the cross.Mass Retreats were being done since Holy week started it's the best and effective way to cleanse ones soul and to reflect.

With a touch of modernization today's Holy Week has been of almost Summer fun and outdoor activities.Don't worry I am a hundred percent sure that you'll totally have fun after this or during Easter.Easter is the resurrection of Jesus right? And it has been a tradition for us Filipinos to participate in an EGG HUNTING event by Easter.So, Let us not forget what Lent is for. Let us not forget to spot the difference between Holy Week and Summer.Celebrate Holy Week in a happy but respectful way -for tomorrow comes another MIRACLE.
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