Miley Cyrus's rock star alter-ego, Hannah Montana has something to offer the world this coming April.Hannah Montana Movie.We all know that she has the best of both worlds,now she has to pick just one.I'm really excited about this new silver screen flick since I've been a recent televiewer of Disney's Hannah Montana series.And since the Musical is back at the big screen, I have had such speculations that this tv series is meant to hit the big screen.I've also heard rumors after confirming the series will be turn into a movie production - and that is the Hanna Montana Movie is the end of Hannah Montana character.Well, as I was searching for articles engaging the said issue finally I've spotted one confirming that it's not true.While according to Miley.

"This movie was never meant to be the end of Hannah Montana," she told Billboard

"The thing is, a lot of people put where the show's future lays in my hands --
and it's not up to me."

Relieved?Say this is just the beginning.Well,the movie was set to be released in US theatres April 10, 2009 while for other country's!! Below are the release dates.Hannah Montana Filipino fans! I'm not really sure if it's going to hit Philippines too.


USA 10 April 2009

Poland 17 April 2009

Mexico 30 April 2009

Vietnam 30 April 2009

Finland 1 May 2009

Italy 1 May 2009

Norway 1 May 2009

Sweden 1 May 2009

UK 1 May 2009

Denmark 7 May 2009

Spain 8 May 2009

Turkey 15 May 2009

Egypt 27 May 2009

Germany 1 June 2009

Bulgaria 12 June 2009

Greece 16 June 2009

Singapore 18 June 2009

France 24 June 2009

Australia 25 June 2009

New Zealand 2 July 2009

Romania 3 July 2009

Belgium 8 July 2009

Czech Republic 9 July 2009

Netherlands 9 July 2009

Venezuela 10 July 2009

Argentina 16 July 2009

Portugal 30 July 2009
Directed by Peter Chelsom.Disney has issued $35 millions for the productions budget. It's indeed a must see movie of this year!
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