It was only like yesterday when I first met my classmates.Funny how time flies by so quickly that now we're up to something that would collect us together -again.We'll be having a reunion and I'm so excited about it.It was only like yesterday when we've been associated with loads of homework's,projects and requirements to cope up with our studies.It was only like yesterday when we cut classes to see movies or go malling.It was only like yesterday when we had our farewell party at the beach.he white sandy beach.Where my high school life ended.But now laughing at my high school experiences, laughin at everything I caused my teachers and laughing at my old self.Now it seemed to me as if yesterday remains only a history.To have flashbacks of and something to remember.So starting today i'll make sure my history comes out with wit and satisfaction because only through taking a glimpse of yesterday you can learn that -Yesterdays are meant to be unchanged.
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