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The goddamn virus author is launching, of course, another computer virus which has already infected millions of computer running Microsoft Windows.If you think it's just an April Fools joke! allow me to knock you off.Apparently, it can plunge into your computer system's codes which means it can gain access on your security updates,delete your files,steal your personal information,remotely attack or block sites and of course make your computer hang for like centuries.In fact, CBS reported that it had a recent fight with this virus which took them 10 days to find and isolate.For over a decade of it's wide range of wreaking havoc in the tech world it has never failed though an international group of computer security experts have come together to try and stop this chaos, and they have not had any luck so far.And since the thing had started a decade ago, we should expect that the worm virus had evolved and that it's something to be aware of.

Can this Virus bring Goodness?

As we all know virus are made to spice up our lives online?And if theres any possible goodness a virus may happen to bring it's either "it can hide your folders you don't want your mom to see because you've got a porno file inside" or "make anti-virus authors earn".Well, it's good to hear that Microsoft Corporation will implement a coordinated, global response to the Conficker (aka Downadup) worm in partnership with technology industry leaders.And what's even better is that they're offering a bounty of $250,000 out for anyone that can decipher who are behind all of these.A reward money!!!yikes.Sounds great?right?

How can I tell if my computer's infected?
Well according to CNN, i quoted . . .
One quick way to see if your computer has been infected is to see if you have gotten automatic updates from Windows in March. If so, your computer likely is fine, DeBolt said.
Microsoft released a statement saying the company "is actively working with the industry to mitigate the spread of the worm."
Users who haven't gotten the latest Windows updates should go to if they fear they're infected, the company's statement says.
People who use other antivirus software should check to make sure they've received the latest updates, which also could have been disabled by Conficker C.
And knowing it was finally launched today! be prepared!! this is just the start.You may never know, the virus is just somewhere around the corners of your windows!! lying in a dormant condition, soon to knock your PC -shut down (literally).

PS: if you happen to wonder about the image above?HAHA-that's for fools!! of April - :P
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