Just recently this issue was brought to light in the internet.After the old issue that cause people over blogosphere to "blog it" comes another Scandal.And I mean another "Gay kiss Scandal".It wasn't confirmed that this picture of Zac Efron kissing of course another of his kind -Man was indeed TRUE, just yet.Apparently what appears to be a gay kiss scandal is currently being talked about at forum boards,comment threads and people through social networking sites online.Zac Efron popularly known as the teenage heartthrob of Disney's High School Musical, TROY BOLTON which had been reported to have a sex video with Vanessa Hudgens is now an alleged GAY.

Who would think he's a gay if he had had lots of girlfriends anyway? and with the fact that he happen to have a sex scandal with her (i suppose) girlfriend ,Vanessa Hudgens a.k.a Gabriela Montez?Well knowing that this scandal was disseminated through the net with a probable fake/edited photo as it's proof won't turn our hopes up fade away.As of now, it has gotten a lot of verdicts from critical people.And I so wanna hear yours?

But before that heres my opinion, I don't think he's gay just because of that kiss.The kiss is not that lingering like of the previous scandal that you can easily went into a conclusion that someone is a fag.Another, you mean . . . if a boy will kiss another boy in the cheeks means they're gay.People, especially here in the Philippines often do that (well not that exagerated like of the above that Zac penetrated his face into the cheek of the other guy) they call it as "beso beso".And if he's gay! I couldn't care less-I'm not an avid fan of Troy.And to end this "there's no statement from Zac's camp yet".

Other from this there's another issue engaging Harry Potter (ever heard of it?).

Or how about Robert Pattinson's?
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