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This Pennsylvanian singer surely did dazzled the world with her beauty, elegance and voice.Like I couldn't hardly hear anything but her notable song "A love Story".People, especially girls sings the song madly like they wanna scream it to the one they love.I love the song too since it's a love story.-haha.

True that Taylor Swift's stardom is rising with humbleness and compassion.And that her songs were played million of times all around the world.Her Album entitled "FEARLESS" shows to her fans and audiences the bravery within her.Before her stardom she was just like a barrio girl with a powerful voice and an alluring talent, an amateur singer.She's just like others who started her singing career through entering competitions,karaokes and all that stuff.She mellowed a lot since she's not getting any younger.She started singing in the age of 10.With a spirit of her western land she was brought to stardom.And now, here she goes -rising like a star.Wait! she's already one.Sprinkling dusts of flickering inspirations to millions.And spreading the love stories she ought to have.

Back to the album, Fearless has received genuinely positive views in the music industry.Compliments flooded this American Country pop artist which obviously led on her meteoric rise to stardom and fame.

Swift said
"It's a big deal to title your album, so I wanted to make sure that it was the right call"."I started thinking about the word 'fearless' and what it means to me.It isn't that you're completely unafraid.I think fearless is having fears, but jumping anyway".
It's lead single had reached number one on both Canadian and Us country charts and I suppose almost all of the charts in the world.Especially in the Philippines.Where, it's lead single is currently number one at Myx."Love Story".Anyway I've provided a download link below for your Mp3's.Hope you'll love it.

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