This coming April 11, 2009.Comes, one of Star Cinema's next horror movie offering.A movie that would eventually make your hair stand behind your neck.Starring the country's Diamond Star "Ms.Maricel Soriano", the box office director "Chito S. Roño" and featuring one of the most promising child actress "Mika Dela Cruz".-T2 (Tenement 2)

The story is about a young girl (played by Mika Dela Cruz ) who lost her parents and then meets Claire (Maricel Soriano) who works on a travel agency until an incident changed her life and had been task to do a mission for the people and for their lives.The young girl is being stalked by "engkanto's" as they entered their new house.Along the way the protagonists were threatened by other movie character that "the engkanto's will get the child" and that is what they're going to face until the end.

Also starring in Tenement 2 are Tetchie Agbayani, Camille Prats, Kai Brosas (as their neighbors in the tenement) and Eric Fructuoso (as Maricel’s driver).According to Chito Roño, T2 is his most expensive horror film yet because of special effects. The last 11 minutes are all CGI set in the other world and according to reports, John Lloyd Cruz and Malaysian actress Carmen Soo will have cameo roles in the movie.And oops! before I forget Derek Ramsay is the husband of Maricel Soriano(Claire) in the said movie.

Heres something worth waiting.Wait until April 11, 2009 in the silver screen yet to make us SCREAM.Save your voices, save gulps of spits (you need a lot to swallow),save your money and save your life.Before -you hear this "PSSSST".

Here's the trailer:

Anyways, you can watch the full length movie online at
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