Didn't know a Filipino's free will can be taken away through some crappy paper?

Yes!! The bout between Ring Superstar Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao and Briton Ricky Hatton in Las Vegas, Nevada will still be undertaken by Solar Sports Corporation and that the bout will be aired by GMA 7, as agreed on their contract agreement.FYI,the contract will expire on May 2011.

Pacquiao's decision of going back into the Kapamilya Network ABS-CBN though, will eventually dismay all of his kapamilya fans.Guess! pride didn't held him back into ABS-CBN since he personally went over to settle the issue last Saturday.And I suppose, he did that for good.After the mists of confusions finally! problems had already been resolved.And finally we ought to know where to wait for the biggest event of the year in the Philippine television, just yet.

Good that Solar Sports corporation is willing to set aside the issue so that the peoples champ can go with his training without paying much attention to the now resolved matter and for the Filipinos as well.Solar Sports had been really supportive on the Filipino's pride ever since.However, it was reported that they will still file a case against Manny Pacquiao and at ABS-CBN in court for what the unfortunate misunderstanding had brought them.

Anyways I'd be watching directly at Solar Sports!! to keep things safe.
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