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If you think being good is far way better than being bad, then I must say "think again?".Show off your best bad alter ego and spill things at your meanest.Either the way you wan't it or the way it'll turn out that "you just did something good".But how?Here are some practical yet situational tip top tips coz it's good to be bad.

  • EXAM IS NEAR WHAT SHALL I DO? - of course, you just have to study! that's what you're suppose to do and you have to because if you don't or if you won't, guess lots of red ink splotch will ruin your report card in the end.We're not there yet.I mean the would be bad thing to do when you're cramming for your study.Things are always bad when there exam comes.I hate to admit it but I've never been good during exams since college.And I just did a terrible job last Friday.We had out finals at Plane and Spherical Trigonometry and as expected it's way too hard that my brain could no longer take it.Graphs of sine and cosine went through easily though I'm not quite sure of my answers but when tangent and cotangent went across my eyeballs.WTF!! this is insane.What did I do?Well, it happened that my calculator was malfunctioning so I tried to borrow my classmates sci-cal since she's been busy graphing, leaving her calculator unattended.Then came a moment that I was screaming inside "I'm so over it!".I inserted a paper inside the calculator asking my friend to give me answers for a couple of equations.When I gave her back her calculator I gestured her to open it.She red it, shrugged and said "I'm not finished yet!".And so to fill in the gaps of moment I've been totally mental blocked -I've written something at the back of the paper saying "If I happen to fail this subject! it's your fault, Miss".I'm talking about the twerp (student teacher) I've been cursing since the day her evil notions crushed some neurons inside my brain.She's in charge since last year because our subject teacher went to Pennsylvania for professional purposes.What now? 3 minutes left.I don't care! I don't mind! Well back to the top! "I've told you that you must study or else . . . right?", and the night before out exam I didn't really mind having even a single flick in my notebook; as if I've something to read inside.It's not I'm telling you not to study like I did but the BAD THING TO DO is simply not to force yourself.Do not force yourself - in Pyschology we have this principle of "Law of readiness" and it says that our brain won't function if you're not in the good condition to do so.And bear this in mind "Grades are nothing but numbers!! only that some are marked red to make it a little bit fancy!haha.And try weighing success without engaging numbers! ~well,it works for me.

  • GREW TIRED OF BEING ALWAYS WRONG IN AN ARGUMENT WITH YOUR PARENTS? - Well, some would say "Parents are always right!".And I'm so sure with that in terms of experience.Experience has a lot to do with knowing what's right and what's wrong.Though it might totally turn out that you're wrong! try giving things a hell of a shot.And you might just win!!! The BAD THING TO DO is to keep this saying in mind "Parents like the everyone else are humans too!".Experience was never the basis of knowing what's right or wrong! As long as you believe that you're right, as long as you've got somebody behind your back and as long as it came inside your heart.YOU'RE UNDOUBTEDLY RIGHT!! (just don't forget to pause,sit in your thinking chair and think about what you should say -coz you might step over someones pride -and would ruin any chance of gaining trust again)

  • A NO-NO IN BLOGGING!!, Well, this might as well be a blog tip for you guys.One of the meanest thing to do in blogging is to rant down the names of people who'd spoiled your day.Well, that worked for me before -it sort of relieved me or whatever it was that made me feel so good -you know?but I've read several posts engaged with the Don'ts in Blogging as far as computer ethics is concerned and what I just did is but a BIG NO NO at blogging.Ranting down the names of people with vengeance and anger is not really worth digging into because it's like talking behind there backs.Which is the online equivalent of publishing their names ONLINE.Which means it's viewable to the whole world.But if ever, you will do such -I'm telling you not to write the name -Do blog about yourself not others! their names aren't really worth publishing.It's like ignoring a fact that momentarily hurts and that is "Keep talking you're making me FAMOUS" -it might not totally hurt you but you can't just let it stomp over your pride.So, preferably do such within the confines of a diary or a friend.As a blogger, you must intrigue your readers and one way of intriguing them is to throw blind items that would make them ask for answers.As such, writing down the names of your antagonist or anywho would lessen your number of readers! Why? It's because of the mere fact that they don't know who're you referring to.And they couldn't care less about who the heck they are.It would just get them annoyed and of course click the "x" button.And relinquish your site leaving a snippy comment saying -HELL GOODBYE.

Hey I'm still a dork.I'm not even sure if those so called "tip-top-tips" of mine will work for you.It might be vague since it came out from a newbie.If you've got something to say/share -please do comment.
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