Hi Potter fans! I hope this thing won't break your heart.The wizard boy we all know has gone on the loose.A friend from plurk shared to the whole plurklandia a link that led me into thinking that your beloved HP is actually a fag.Allow me tell you more further of what I've spotted at Youtube that shockingly baffled me into this kind of mockery.I don't even know if it's an old issue or what the thing is I've just got to say something about it because it disappoints.It's not that I have something after Daniel Radcliffe but "What has gone into the world now?What would your comments be like?" kind of crap.The Harry Potter star went on stage to collect two top theatre awards for his West End debut in Equus.But while on stage the host James Corden, grabbed the star, clasped his hands on his face and held on tightly for an embarrassingly lingering kiss.And what shocked me is that -(To keep things safe-see it yourself! might sound ridiculously well..-Ha-ha).

Though there are some possible defenses behind this.One is that he himself was also shocked that he didn't do anything or that he has no other option but to respond with the same embarrassing rhythm.Held the hosts head plunge into his face.And the rest, is I don't know.
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