Obviously, this has something to do with traveling.But unlike the usual traveling experience people got this is something that would really make your hair stand behind your neck.BEHIND YOU!!!
I was talking about creepy things with my cuz outside the apartment.I had a lot of fun talking with her about the topic because she shrieks like to the highest level.A blue taxi rode its way south, It wowed me since its somewhat new in Davao, a blue-dyed taxi? HELLO DAVAO.But I'm not gonna tell you anything further than that of the blue taxicab since it opposes to the taxi I'd be talking about.And that's the MALIGAYA TAXI.Oh! please I have nothing against the taxi, come on,it just so happened that this taxi had a freakin story told by my cousin.As the MALIGAYA taxi followed the tracks of the blue taxi my cousin then told the story....

Under one moonlit night of December my cousins Aunt went out with her Barkada on a nocturnal gimmick.That was like 1:00 pm when they've got out of the birthday party they attended.They were inside a subdivision so they have to walk their way up to the main entrance.The main entrance is way too far that it made the girls blabber the whole time as they walk.Complaints from the girls are all you can hear and it seemed the only thing that keeps the subdivision alive.With all pure luck, a MALIGAYA TAXI passed by.They hailed the taxi and got into it.

Panting as she awkwardly turned her head aback to see her friends and asked

"Where are we gonna go now?"

"How about at my apartment?" one said.

"Nah! that sucks dude, I'm still alive and kicking let's do some bar hopping instead"

"What are you nuts?"

"That's bullshit chard!! we are all damn tired if you don't want to sleep then it's not our problem, Leah tell the driver to bring us at Bayview."

A sudden pause between the four and then came few more arguments.Leah, the one infront threw occassional glimpses on the driver and noticed that the driver is smiling.The trip got lousy since they were all tired now.Even Richard who was forcing them to do bar hopping fell asleep inside the cab.Leah, saw the Giant Christmas Tree on a parking lot area in a known Mall and wake the four up to get her camera.I don't know what made her so ignorant about the Xmas Tree but perhaps I could consider the fact that she lives on the next City going north.She unfortunately missed it, she haven't took a picture.

"Maybe some other time", she said with a frown."

My cousins Aunt by then, was amazed of what she saw ~"the dr-r-rr-i-iver's head".It's gone.She sat still staring on the headless figure.She was like frozen to death, and will be screaming soon.She was spaced out for a moment and things like "Is this true? WTF? Am I dreaming? What shall I do?" came into her mind.This time she was shaking her hands, waking the one beside her.Alice, sitting next to her was baffled of the kind of paranoia her friend has now.

"What now? Nena?"

She was staring on her friend, looking pale and scared.In reflex she traced her friends sight and saw the headless figure.Leah, though in front didn't noticed or saw what the three aback beheld.The place became eerie as they pass through a dark crossing.Then one of the three collected her courage and finally spoke out saying "Manong! please stop the cab!".She was convincing the driver to stop it but unexpectedly the driver said

"But Why? We are not there yet."

Leah agreed with the driver, she nodded and grimaced on the three at the back.Then she turned right on the driver and smiled at him.The three behind thought they're the only people to see such thing.It made them even more n-nervous and scared.

"No! I forgot something", she reasoned out."

That made Leah frowned and gestured Whats the matter? with her jaw dropping.And even baffled.

"Let me just take you back! for free". the driver said."

Damn it.Damn it.Damn it.Who the hell would give four strangers a free ride back to where they hailed the haunted taxi?~the headless driver.

"No thanks!", she refused."

The driver slowed down the vehicle and started giving them an evil grin.The three hurriedly went out, then Leah who'd been momentarily blind with the ordeal paid for the fair.She slammed the door when she went out, eyed her friends and finally asked the driver

"How much?"

Nena is still staring on the headless creature.The driver audibly said "100.00 php".It scared the hell out of the three and made them run.Leah, left wondered and bubbly said

"Were they drunk?", she sniffed.
"Well, it smells alcohol here!"

She followed.(panting) she asked "Huh?What are you up to now? you spoiled my night and you left me there negotiating with the driver.I'm broke! I can't afford to pay the fair."

"How much do you have there?"

"60 php" she said.

"Here!!" Nena handed Leah a blue-green paper which she thought was 200 php.

The three looked so scared that Leah seemingly felt the spook.She walked silently towards the driver.Step by step, walking towards the taxi.She turned back and look at her friends.Her heart beats fast now.She was on the back of the taxi when she stopped,took her phone and got a picture of it.She then gather her courage to face the driver.The inside of the cab is dark since turning off the light is a sign of to which a taxi doesn't have a passenger.Without looking inside she handed the money.The driver asked

"This is...uhm..don't you have any?", it seems that he's got no change for the amount.

Leah, swallowed a gulp of spit and took a look at the driver.And she saw the driver~out of head.She was horribly shocked that she whispered "Keep the change and ran away".

The taxi started its engine and rode its way out of nowhere.The four clustered under a tree and has some creepy-talking session.They tackled about what happened and hurriedly Leah lend them the picture she took.They got the plate number and called the police or so.I don't know who the hell they called.THe thing is they called someone for information.And the reciever said..

"Huh? Plate #: ******* ?WTF.That's out of order!"

"But why?"

"It had gone under an accident a year ago! and it blew up shocking hundreds, two passbyers were hurt and the driver died"

With a slight surprise of their discovery they've decided to walked their way into a nearby park and stayed there until dawn.

Haha.What did you feel after reading? Because me? After my cuz told me that story, goosebuuumps!!!! the jitter never stopped.And after knowing that it's a nonfictional story and that Maligaya taxi is just around the streets of Davao (where I live) then I must say "I'm not gonna ride on that cab by night,midnight or when it's dark).If so ~I'd bring my rosary with me and pray~GOD BLESS OUR TRIP.

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