Even rival media companies of the Philippines supports Earth Hour!
So let's turn off our lights for just an hour tonight at exactly 8:30 pm up to 9:30.
(And your TV's too! haha)
To conserve energy and to preserve our mother earth.

Watch your kapamilya and kapuso stars as they promote "EARTH HOUR".



More than 81 countries are expected to take part in this phenomenal endeavor.So can you!!! simply turn off your lights! Anyways, you don't have a choice if you live here in Davao, because it was allegedly reported (and I heard it myself) that the electricity of Davao City will be turned off for an hour in celebration to EARTH HOUR 2009.

While surfing the official site of Earth Hour, I chanced upon an article en "World Organisation for the Scout Movement Supports Earth Hour 2009".Didn't know that-until now.Haha, I was a Rover Scout -apply the motto "Once a scout always a scout"- guess, I'm still a scout, up to now-and maybe perhaps forever if you suppose.I'm not that active now, but I'm more than willing to extend my presence whenever they needed me.And knowing that they're supporting Earth Hour -another point of why I should.

I draft posted this post since it's already 8:30 of Last Saturday.I was expecting for the said brownout.Well, it's not that I'm totally in favor of the forced turning off of lights because it's supposed to be voluntary.Though the expectation was there and all.And I'm glad to say there was none.No Brownout Davao!!!.But then again I'm sad.My parents did not mind turning off the lights -though I've tried to convinced them- well they're very reasonable of not doing such since we've got a baby in our house,it's not compulsory and the neighbors didn't mind either.Aside from the three are much more complicated personal reasons which were right after all.But I just have to celebrate Earth HOUR in my own special way.And I just did- Coincidentally, I was called by Mother Nature to (you know?) get that waste out of myself.Before I entered the bathroom the light was on.And as expected I turned it off even if it would seem like I was eaten alive by perpetual darkness.That's my very special way of restoring Mother Earth.Funny! right?


After celebrating Earth Hour without, of course, light last Saturday comes a New World Title for Philippines.Of my earth years of existence in this very country of ours, I suppose this is the very first time for the whole Philippines to celebrate Earth Hour.Especially that such promotions were aired on the Philippine television (see the videos above).And knowing that we Filipinos celebrated it with heartfelt sincerity comes something we should be proud of.Over the years of celebrating such phenomenal event worldwide, Philippines has the most number of communities to celebrate Earth Hour.Hurray!! Philippines ..-it's not just Manny who's embossing us in the map of the world- WE FILIPINOS are in particular through this very special earthly event.I never thought Philippines would own the title since the idea originated at Australia.But!!Whew! I'm speechless( needless to say I run out of words-haha); So to end this stuff, let me just say this to you . . .

"I dare other countries to prove their worth.I dare them to steal the title (as if we'll let you do that at ease) .Let this not be a competition between races; instead be the start of saving our Mother Earth.Mere Mortals! join tediber in promoting EARTH HOUR, for next year and the years to come."
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