Yay! As we all know Friday the 13th usually brings people bad luck.But it seems like it broke its own rule.Though, there weren't really any rule.Or there is one, and that's "Life after Death".And this I mean literally.Friday morning, three o'clock when I woke up baffled.Baffled by what my eyes are in to now.My brother carrying two traveling bags.My mom and dad out of sight.My other siblings snoring in the dark.A lousy morning slap by my brother who'd been in front of me shouting and telling me to get my ass of the mat.I asked "what happened?".My eyes sores like hell.My ears then listened to the ill-defined explanation my brother dithered to tell.A sudden pause and I came to life.Now, I'm already alive.But this time someones getting his life.A baby.We will be having seventh.The seventh child.Yes! my mother's pregnant for the seventh time around.Before I knew she was pregnant I felt bad.Really bad of knowing there'll be another hellion to rule the house.But this time it felt like -things were simply unexplainable.Sudden mixed of emotions.Felt happy for the new baby, felt worried because my mother's pregnancy is quite in the critical way.She's got high blood, IDK sometimes it goes down and would turn out she has anemia ,instead.Felt nervous for the humongous rocks of responsibilities I'll be carrying until I'll finally have a job with a decent income.Felt totally tired.Nah, I was just told to take care of my 6th sibling.He's just four years of age, naughty than nice.He often gives people headaches than smiles.Anyways, about the "Life after Death", a brief look on my previous post about my Lola's death would perhaps give you a hint.She died weeks ago and now he was born.If he would only be a she, i mean my baby brother, it would turn out she'll be the reincarnation of my Lola.Haha.That was late seven o'clock in the night when I recieved a text message telling me to go to the hospital in exchange for my father.He needs to get home since he has to.Ha-ha, I really don't know.On my way up to the lobby of the hospital dejavu gave me the creeps.On my left hand I'm holding a bottle of water and my right plunge into my right pocket.I kind of knew whats gonna happen next so I went to the assistance desk and asked.My premonitions came true, the odd looking, security guard with an annoying mustache welcomed me with his never dying question "Who are you looking for?".I told him my mother's name and he scanned for the name on his list and gestured me to get inside.It took me more like fifteen minutes to find my mother's bed.Finally! saw my aunt carrying the baby.With a slight surprise I said "He's a boy!".I hesitated to kiss the baby but my mom won't allow me to because he has to be 24 hours old before anything like that.Well, I touched his skin and "Oh! LAMBOT!!".I was like under the spell of softness (hehe.sounds like the tv commercial!).When my mom went to the CR my aunt assisted her, so I was all alone with the baby.Yes!~Yes!!~[evil laugh] I kissed him on the cheeks.Whoohoo!! Now, it's time for so long I have to go home since my father's there.When I got out the eerie feeling came back.Why is this so? Was it my Lola? she never had a chance to see the baby since she died before the baby was born.I happen to pass the Emergency room and stare to where we brought my Lola on her second heart attack.Didn't saw anybody lying there but I know she was there -I'm not sayin she's haunting the hospital.I think she just want to see the baby!!!.The baby was given life to the hospital where my lola's life was taken.There comes nature.There comes life after death.
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