Well, I've been really missing out when it comes to movies.My moviegoer alter ego doesn't work well these days.I've been missing a lot of great movies that is now hard to find.I've tried searching for horror movies since I love it when I'm carried away by the thrill and heart pounding scenario that would make me wanna scream.But I just can't, I'm trying not to since everyone would think "this guys is nuts?".As I was searching I chanced upon a movie entitled "THE ECHOE" it's a remake of an acclaimed Filipino Thriller "SIGAW"(2004).I've read about this thing on several blogs already which had been posted since last year.And with that I suppose the movie has already rolled in cinemas all over the world.Though I'm not quite sure about that because when I googled for its release dates the acronym "TBA(to be arranged)" will always cause me to frown.But hey, I could be wrong.I often am.

Just like of other entries I'll be inserting the common short sypnosis of the film, and I qouted...

The story centers on a young ex-con (Jesse Bradford) who moves into an old apartment building only to learn his neighbor is an abusive police officer who savagely beats his wife and daughter. When the ex-con tries to intervene, he becomes trapped in a curse.

Directed by the original film's director, Yam Laranas, "The Echo" is a very fine and atmospheric film like the original which is Sigaw.The Echoe stars Jesse Bradford, Amelia Warner,and our very own Iza Calzado.
Here's the teaser I've got from Youtube
Enjoy Watching!!

If you haven't seen the original (SIGAW) allow me to direct you to it's official site http://www.echothemovie.com/.

Moviegoers! You just have to wait!!!
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