The day was great since it's Thursday! whoa!- no official class today.But as expected I went to school for three crappy reasons.
  1. First,Is that I always go to school every Thursday though I don't have class.
    (might as well For allowance!! how good is that?)
  2. Second is because I feel like it.I'll be eaten alive by boredom if I'll never get my ass out of there.Sides, I don't wanna see my brother (next to me) wearing things that would cause me to puke.He's wearing my fathers sun glasses and then I must say he really looks like a drip.He irritates me ( I don't know why?) and I hate him for that.
  3. Lastly, we will have an urgent meeting for the finalization of our thesis, school fees,certain projects and so called "farewell party".wee!But when I got in our rendezvous, I grew up tired waiting until it's finally over.Not! the meeting -but the long wait is over.No meeting.
Actually, I was suppose to go to a house of a friend.He told me early this week that he'll help me out with my blog.He sort of convinced me that I should switch to Wordpress for several amazing reasons.It's not that I'm really interested but I tried confirming it -" You can never "SEO" with blogger" or something like that- through searching for my own post at google.And to my surprise his link back post on my March 20 entry was the first one to appear.Not a link directing on my blog had appeared after several clicks on the "next" button.Oh! my.I really have to switch sides, not just because of that dynamic reason but I do want to have my own domain, customize my blog with what I've learned at IT funds, and I will be a hypocrite if it's not because of wanting more traffics and responses.In that way, switching sides makes sense.Or adds sense.Ha-ha-ha.You know what I mean.

Anyways after the long wait.I've decided to hop by an internet shop to update my plurk timeline.But these four ladies namely, Hazel Ann,Mercy,Joy and Joyce happened to pass by and convinced me to follow their lead.We are heading to the mall.They went to the bathroom first and I stayed outside to splash up my thirst at the drinking fountain.After minutes of waiting we stopped in a pastry shop to obviously buy something to eat.I bought a slice of cinnamon roll and a pudding.Hazel bought the same and the rest bought pretzels.After having out receipts we went to the food court and bought a 1.5 coke.We were having fun talking about craps, eating our merienda and all.Until an old guy interrupted and damned for a couple of much more nonsy talks.He was nice though but the saying "never talk to strangers" came inside my head.He asked for our birthdays and guessed our zodiac signs! So he's a fortune teller or so? Not quite.He told us the personalities of a person having the zodiac signs Virgo and Scorpio.Since among the five of us three are Virgo's and the other two are scorpios.He told us that "Virgo's are creative and that they won't allow anybody to defeat them.They have so much pride that they can't even follow a leaving friend after bullying or hurting them.They are loudmouthed and that they're the headaches of the society."Oh well, I have nothing against that coz I've been the headache of parents and so with the society, I suppose.I don't flatter myself but I am really creative.- "a male virgo isn't like most of the males, they don't tend to go much with romances and all.They'll stick on their first priority in life and never leaves it unfinished"- he added.For Scorpio he said that "They're mostly evil, they have a wicked desire to shipwreck ones day and that they are mean in different ways!..etc..etc..."the thing is it was purely composed of negative notions.I think he's a scorpio because he did just spoiled my two scorpio friend's day.Haha.Well after that he went to the table behind us and started another talk with his friends.Another hurried glance on us and I know any moment he'll be coming back for more talks.Guess, I was right! He's now infront of us and started the thing through introducing himself first.He awkwardly reached for his wallet and told us he was a professor.He's on his mid-sixties.I don't know why he reached for his wallet -just yet-but he showed us a picture of an Israelite little girl.He said she's his grand daughter, she's a Hollywood child star.She's cute though but I wouldn't want to confirm if she really works at Hollywood.No comment.After that he tried tracing the marks of the hands of my friend Mercy."Now what?".This time he started uttering unworldly things!! Dang it.Is he fortunetelling or doing some unworldly ritual? I never listened to him since it's not worth my clock (he's not holding my palms!WTF).I was busy taking shots of myself, my friends and I even got a chance to take a picture of Manong.He didn't noticed that! Oops! I'm not done yet with my cinnamon and pudding.Guess I've got to finish it before I'll lose my appetite.I don't feel well eating while my friends aren't with me but spell -burrrrrrrrrrrrrrpp!

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