Success, is what everybody wants.It's the thing that we must have to attain which is our ultimate goal in life.Success,Succession,Successful-is mostly the answer to such questions like "What do you think of yourself 10 years from now?".Success is what we've been dreaming of by night -aside from craps,crushes and your girlfriend.And this kind of goal will surely come to reality by facing challenges and going through series of steps.Just like at hurdles, there are obstacles you must pass through and while facing these small obstacles in life you can't deny that you'll stumble and fall.Lucky you-if you stumbled upon something pricey or that would easily make your dreams come true.Through that there is luck -but remember luck has two faces.

Everything that would make you attain success starts from somewhere.And I believe our home,our houses are the perfect place to build and attain success.The following are small things that would remind us of what we should do to reach our goals while inside our house.


  1. Roof: Is located on the top of the house.Covers us.Shelters us.A house without any roof can't be considered a house- instead, a water tank.The roof says "AIM HIGH".Aiming high is likely the easiest way because it starts within you.And in order to do that you must have focus.What kind of focus? Solo focus.Like the roof you focus must be built strong.And having a strong focus gets you out of distractions.Remember,the roof wouldn't give a shit if a bird will leave a shit on it's surface.
  2. Clock: Maybe we get annoyed sometimes with it's ticktocks!! but the clock itself would simply remind us that "EVERY SECOND COUNTS and EVERY MINUTE IS PRECIOUS".But Remember think before you do something, do not work scarcely coz the output would hell turn messy.In that sense you might as well -TAKE YOUR TIME.And as the humorous saying goes "Time is Gold - Take your time".Partly True!! right? Of course nobody's gonna dawdle over something if there's so much work to do.
  3. Fan: Though you must have that burning desire to succeed the fan says "BE COOL".Be cool, don't force yourself to exert too much effort.Be cool don't take things too much -that won't lead you to success instead you'd get slumped off the ground and pitied by people because of your careerism.Be cool, don't be hot.Hahaha.or get cracked.
  4. Mirror: I often look at myself in the mirror before going to sleep.I don't know why? but I can't sleep without doing that.I'll make funny faces and go submerged myself with my deepest emotions.Reflecting what I act, you act,we act gains us enough confidence to stand on that spotlight upstage.And you'll know what you can and you can't.And turn blur illusions into clear and truthful reality.
  5. Window: Of course, when you're inside your house you'd always notice the dim and dark parts of it.I mean that literally.You are locked inside your house, maybe there's light but get yourself a peek at the window.Part the curtains, you hand on the windowsill and see the world.The window reminds us that there are so much world to see than just what you have now.Grab opportunities -take chance.
  6. Calendar: Aside from being the source of information of what day is today!! The calendar is not just a hang around piece of crap you'll tear a page,crumple and trash at the end of the month.It reminds us that everyday is a new life.And try asking yourself "What if I never had a chance to wake up?".This time, the saying "Life is a matter of choice and not a matter of chance" turns to ash.If it's your time, you'll never have a choice but to accept your cruel but destined fate. As you tear a page in a calendar, be thankful -simply say Thank you to whom you believed that gave you another chance to live.How can you achieve your goals if you're cold dead?
  7. Door: says "PUSH HARD TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS".With an extraordinary energy push hard.Push the door hard.The gates of success won't be light to handle.It's undeniably heavy.You must push hard-with all your energy and with all your heart.Your heart is your key to success.You can accomplish anything with it.Ask yourself what do you value most in life and connect that to the reason that you are striving toward your goal.You might as well think of this a door is always a knock a way.Try knocking -someone might open it for you.

So! Guys..that's all I have to offer! -for now.Come back soon, you might just
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