Knock me out!!! It's already March? I almost forgot.So whats about March anyway?
Hurray! that means s-s-sss-summer of fun!!

February is so over now.And March is giving us reasons to celebrate.Celebrating, though has it's downsides like boozers ruining a party and all that stuff.But a shindig will always be a shindig and then I must say "March costs for a shindig".

Here are 5 reasons of why we should Celebrate MARVELOUS MARCH:

  1. SUMMER: Summer! Summer! Summer! Ha-ha let's sing it!:
Finally summer's here
Good to be chillin' out
I'm off the clock
The pressure's off
Now my girl's what it's all about

Ready for some sunshine
For my heart to take a chance
I'm here to stay
Not movin' away
Ready for a summer romance

Everybody ready, going crazy, yeah we're out
Come on and let me hear you say it now, right now

What time is it?
It's our vacation
What time is it?
Party time
That's right, say it loud

"SAY IT LOUD!!!".Yeah! I suppose you know that song since it came from the second installment of Disney's High School Musical, entitled "What time is it".Summer's getting closer and the weathers getting hotter.But prior to that, within the early weeks of March we should cope up with everything that has been left behind February.Like term papers,thesis,programs and office works.Oops! don't forget cleaning whatever mess your room/house ended up with.Ha-ha finally, you can pack your things up and go with the pleasures of MARCH.

  • Go to the beach.Chill out,relax and enjoy the tanning sunlight, the great pleasures of dessert, the rushing of the waves.Whoo-hoo! nobody's not gonna go to the nearest- if not the famous resort.Surf up! Take a plunge and enjoy your summer vacation at the beach.
  • Who told you working on summer days won't let you experience summer F-U-N ? Well then I must say, you're wrong if you think it that way.Summer jobs are open for students/anyone whose more than willing to work.You'll get paid, meet people, make friends and you'll gain job experience which is one of the ultimate qualities an employee must have.Working on summer won't really bore you! (uhm.may depend on the kind of work) but imagine yourself trapped inside your house?.For me? I can't stand the boredom our house has.It's one of a kind-depresses you so much. Though there are things that would make you come to life inside your house but there's so much world to see outside.Or you can think of this -at the end of the month, or right after you finished your summer job..that's the time you can really feel the essence of SUMMER.Go to a resort-not just with your family, but with your work buddies as well.Work things out-TAKE A CHANCE. (as long as it's a decent job!hehe)
  • Explore the wonders!! get involved with the things you never saw your life.Go farther-Beyond the usual.Travel ouy home land.Go to the Philippines top destinations like one of the new wonders -Palawans Underground River, Taal Lake, Bora, Baguio etc.etc..Or if you can't afford to - get your family on a field trip on a tourist spot near you.Like here in Davao (I'm planning to see EAGLES again) nyahaha.wanna go to Malagos Garden Resort and at the Philippine Eagle.
  • Go where your relatives were.If they live in the province?! Why not.Go with the flow and touch their lives.Bond with them and know them deeper.A thing every family must have.It'll be nice visiting them and speding vacation with them, right?
  • Get out with your Barkada on a summers-night gimmick.Just remember not to hail a haunted taxi on your way home!!!!hehehe.
  • Wait!!! the spooks gave me an idea -How about a ghost haunting experience? Make your summer traumatic yet memorable.Hahaha.
  • Before having the PLEASURES OF MARCH -always ask permission from your parents.Not unless your a vagabond guttersnipes.[sorry for the rudeness, I was just trying to remind you -ASK PERMISSION FIRST.

2. Womens Month: Oh! March is not just an ordinary or let's say the Month of Summer Fun and Vacation.It's also the Month of Womens.Well, Non-Government Agencies that centers on Women's right like Gabriella celebrates the Womens Month.I'm not saying they're the only one but might as well WE CAN CELEBRATE too! If you're a woman then celebrate and if you're not!?Uhm..I bet you have a mother! or a sister! or a girl friend.Give them hugs and kisses and express your celebration for Womens Month that way.Or you can support such movements that centers on Women Rights!!! Or if you're one of those stupid dumbasses who tortures and abuses women kindly submit yourself on the nearest police station to lessen the burdens of the society.That will do.

3. If you're a resident of DAVAO CITY.Well, this March is merely the Month when Davao held it's history.We, Dabawenyos are celebrating the 72nd ARAW NG DABAW.And the main events will come to life this coming March 16.Watch colorful cultural dances, get engrossed by Davao's food delicacies and get clouds of fun during the parade.For tourist!! get your reservations now!! The largest city in the World is about to celebrate it's 72nd year.Be there when it starts.Or you'll miss half of your life.Mark my word -leave this echoing in your mind "MISS HALF OF YOUR LIFE".Haha.

4. Alert! Alert! Alert! March is the FIRE PREVENTION MONTH.Now, since March is known for Summer's heat and hotness then I must say we are prone to FIRE EMERGENCIES.Be aware, prevent fire emergencies here are small things that would secure your life,heir's and family from getting BURNED to ash.
  • Always check octopus wiring!! avoid wires from getting tangled.
  • Always check electric thingamabobs on your house before leaving.
  • Use circuit breaker than the usual fuse.
  • Safety "fire generating stuffs"! get them away from children.
  • If possible have an extinguisher yourself.
Small things would finely do!!! for more -have the initiative!!!

5. Finally! HANDS SALUTE!!! Salute the Graduates right on their Graduation.Get fascinated with their achievements and then dig in with the food after the graduation!!!HAHAHA.If you know someone who'll be graduating, LET ME KNOW! or take me there...let's get the eating started.bwahahahaha.

So that's it!!! 5 reasons to celebrate MARCH.Speak your mind!! Let me know what you're thinking!!! If you know something WE SHOULD BE CELEBRATING! that I forgot to.I'm always a comment a way.hehehe.

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