Valentines has ended, some relationships got stronger and some had gone nowhere.

And to those whose hearts had been stabbed, especially for men...the call for alcohol is badly needed.I'm talking about drunkards, what is it with drunkards that intrigues the hell out of me? I might sound silly but with all my life, I never tasted such thing.Obvious naman siguro. I'll probably puke if so.It's not that it disgust me or anything but i just don't' feel like it.I simply don't.Ugh! aren't they foul-mouthed?I mean literally smelly.Not that I'm saying I have something against them!! Ah basta! Let's fuss over the topic na nga!! specifically the three types of drunkard.Well, of my years of being with a lot of wasted people I always notice that when the alcohol gets through their lets say brains, the aftershock would be either of the three:

  1. THE PIGGY TYPE: Why piggy type? Haven't you encountered boozers walking in the middle of the street? And to where do you suppose they're going? [Eh! what is it to you?]Haha. Probably they're going to passed out of nowhere.Yeah! totally out of their minds.And ends up sleeping wherever they would bang themselves down on the ground.There are TV reports about this boozers sleeping on sidewalks,center islands,grassy meadows in the middle of the night and that they've been mistaken for cold cadavers.I suppose you know why "piggy".Pig's habitually slumps themselves when they feel like sleeping.And would laze all day long.
  2. GOOSE TYPE: Been with loudmouthed people when drunk? That's probably why they're entitled the Goose type.Well, there are those people who talks a lot when they're under the influenced of alcohol.Incessant talkers, talking about craps and then comes arguments that would perhaps last for decades -if not centuries.haha.But the funny thing about these goose type gossipers is that they can really tickle your laugh box and brightens up your day.(but boozers usually drink during the night).Well on the darker side, some goose would peck you and then jabs their mouth incessantly quacking..and there are those drunkards that might hurt you with their words.Peck your heart and mutter things that hurts and cuts like a knife.
  3. THE BULL TYPE: If you're wearing red on a sunny dappled morning, walking in the middle of a ranch.Then spotted a sign board saying "Beware of Bulls".What are you gonna do?Some boozers are just like bulls, if you swelter their eyes better run for your life.Coz they'd be more than willing to do such killing, get black eyes,bruise,cuts~if not death.Raging with anger~getting wilder until he'll collapse.MAUY!!!!haha.I don't know why most of the boozers who does this kind of thing,looks so damn odd.Spell Hoodlum.And you're doomed.
Haha.What can you say? What type of drinker are you?Are you one of them?
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