People! If you're looking for social networking sites for a friend-fishing expedition well I'm warning you not to get too nasty signing up on this site.But! if your intention is to meet brilliant people with brilliant minds here's the site you've been looking for.At first, I thought this was an exclusive site only for (us) student of the University of South Eastern Philippines but with a slight surprise it's totally for everybody.You can sign up as "joiners" there.Really, stay connected with college students,professors,school paper people,DEAN,and feel free to share your extra everything!!!
UsepObrero's Mission: This site gives people the power to share and makes USeP Students and Staffs more open and connected.

Its a new way of socializing with people.Like YM you can chat with them on the chatbox provided in the homepage.Like Forum Sites you can post and share articles through joining the forum.Like in Multiply you can PM your feelings secretly to the person of your liking.Like Youtube you can watch videos there.Like friendster you can tweak your CSS for an astounding layout.Like Plurk and Twitter you can maintain your popularity through earning points.Like facebook you can comment on shouts.Like most of the social networking site you can upload pictures.But unlike any other website in the world you can discuss or have an online teaching lesson with professors, themselves.
So what now? There are more things to discover from there! Why not sign up now?Nothing can possibly go wrong!!
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