The ironies of life.Ill-defined.Of baffling value.It won't stop.
I paced right where the others were going.I was in a parking lot of a known Mall, walking.
Everything seemed fine, but when I was clouded by divine darkness my eyes gone wide.
Emo's,Goth's,Punks, fooling themselves with their skateboards.That's something you don't see every night?LOUSY SKATEBOARDERS -in black shirts,skinny jeans and weather beaten hairs.There's a club nearby and the loud banging rock music is all you can hear.But depression can be seen by my widely open eyes.I was in the highway now, and is about to cross the street, I suddenly stopped because two fast running jeep is approaching.

"F*ck..if you'd like to go drug racing,well buy something not odd"

Jeepneys for racing?My cheap!!! I was expecting for a roaming 911 to follow but theres no such live action to see.I finally crossed the street, the moon was there as my guide.The street is relinquished and a scene strike through my mind.Like, I was in a ghost town and a tumbleweed would roll over my feet.Then I came to life, I didn't noticed I was walking though my eyes were open all the times.Daydreaming?What should I call it?An eerie feeling pumped my heart faster,I ran until I saw the hospital.There were three Indian ladies coming out the gate they were as black as the night.I couldn't hardly see their faces, they looked like shadows instead of real ones..that's all I could think of.Those alien faces, black,odd and strange.They were behind the orange glow of the sodium light though,t-that their afterimages stuck into my eyes.And it terribly sores.Oh! this is not a savage criticism, it's just that they're all I could think of to at least make my night a night.I was in the middle of the street,literally in the middle.I was confident because I know, there won't be cars driving that time in that place.Then I laughed, thinking of something that I just did.I acted like a drunkard, a nasty bastard.Hehehe.I turned right, and saw the Gasoline Station, the usual mart behind the gasoline booths is all I could stare of.It got my attention, someones in there..I can feel it.The security-of course.He went outside, maybe to check who was there..and it's all me, my whole goddamn self.He blew a cloud of smoke from his cigar and then blew another in circle.It reminded me of my uncle blowing the smoke out of his mouth that was circular in shape,not too perfect though.Walk,Walk,Walk,I started complaining about my hunger.I haven't got anything for dinner since I'm not yet home and I finished my project on an Internet shop.That's why I went home late.And now, walking..because no moving vehicles are present.Ugh! it's good that, our house is way near from school.Not really, but if you've got a lot of can just walk your way from our house to school.And it's good that I feel like walking,then..what are my other options?Duh!.The Chinese cemetery was on my left.Creepy! a shriek from inside startled me.A creepy,eeeky,screechy voice.I didn't run though.I continued walking, my eyes rolling over the viewable tombs of Chinese corpse.Simultaneously,on my way I passed by a group of real drunkards.Real one now,huh?.Hoodlumy looking ones.Those you could see on action movies, those extras behind the antagonist of every classic action shows.They're nice, though..they haven't said a thing..or asked anything from me.They just let me pass by them.

"Well, I couldn't just wish that they should have said anything or asked something from me,since I dun want to..who the hell wants to?But they ignored hell I'm out of existence, the hell they care?IDK."

I'm almost there~HOME.I entered the house silently, but as expected my parents were waiting for me.They started the never-ending ceremony that made me feel ~uncomfortable.irritated.and all.But I managed to collect my anger and threw it off the window through throwing our cat outside.Harshness.Hehe.Then I started chewing the fat with my mother.She listened though, my father interrupted and said "It's not time for talking sh*t".
Yeah,.he's blunt.Only that he said those things in vernacular.Then I laid down to bed and sleep.Though, I couldn't really sleep.My toes were painful and all.Darn it.

The next morning...I've got something out of my classmates.Like they flooded me with things saying .."Your mom texted us, where have you been".My parents were worried huh?Not bad.Now I can feel it.LOVE...

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