Captivated by such rumors.What can I say? yeah.Like,almost or let's say all of the sites my friends are talking about that I don't have,I'd stalk them there the following day.My curiosity thus led me in and out of mischief.They were talking about a particular site that had reportedly made one of our classmates scream on the cafe and that intrigued me and that I hastily asked for the name of the site.Twilight came, and I have nothing much to do at school so I went to the nearest internet cafe and obviously opened the site they gave me.HOTEL626.Actually, I've heard this site before I just didn't hesitated to open it..maybe because I've mistaken it for some site that's filled with eroticism.Haha.And I really has so much fun playing as "the-only-person" in a deserted,haunted hotel.The fun never stops,you'd be watching out for clues to escape the following obstacles.If you're not familiar with the site.Allow me to introduce you to the most thrilling game I've ever played.HOTEL626.It's basically a game.Enjoy your stay...

One is not like the others

The first game goes like'd wake up..without anyone beside you, you're panting,everything's dark and unusual then, you'd lit the lamp and get outside an eerie feeling will cloak you and would make you run for your life.Empty hallways,flickering of light,bursting of fluorescent bulbs, you'd run.and run.The game starts here( you can notice that you can now move your mouse),..keep on running and running.And you'd stop when a strange creepy sound will diffuse from nowhere and in front of you is a black like fog of darkness that would probably kill you if you can't get inside those doors?But which door?That's what you've got to find out.Then if you've got inside a door..the second game starts.

She lives in Darkness show her the light
This time you will need a camera(GOOD THAT IT'S PROVIDED) went inside a bathroom,the place is creepy..then suddenly a screechy laughing voice will creep you out.As the above saying goes "She lives in Darkness show her the light.Through your camera the aim of this game is to take a picture of the girl (to be specific, in order to get to the next game you will have to catch her face) .You only have nine shots!! and if you fail,, can try again or skip.Don't skip!You'll miss the most exciting part ever!

The third game is on the staircases, just like the first game you will encounter the black foggy thing while going downstairs and you will have to enter the door before darkness will eat you alive...and die falling downstairs.

Sing Me A Lullaby
 The fourth part will leads you into a room of quiescence and perpetual darkness.A baby on a crib that sleeps, and the game will start.You will have to play the music box or the baby will wake up.What happens when the baby would wake up?Boooh!!!hahaha.

Then the fifth game, you must get out of the room without waking up the strange lookin baby without making any noise.How? You'll be given the instructions.Maintain you balance.cause if not!! Again.. Booooooooh!!!

Sixth game comes..if you'd skip or probably got outside those horrific obstacles.This time darkness will pass you out.You'll be drag by someone from behind.Then grotesque figures,shadows of people on the hotel doors and when you woke up.You'd be locked in the room with an odd looking guy.He'll indistinctly whisper something you couldn't understand.There are clues on the walls you will just have to figure out what do they represent.I mean,what numbers they represent.Because there's a portion where you will have to dial numbers (the code/password) in order to get out.Or else, the man will turn off the light..and you know what's next.

secrets: Remember all the red parts which you see. Count their numbers as you look at the walls. Once you reach the door listen to what the man tells you.That's the pin code.

The seventh game will go like this, you'd be inside a dark room (I mean just like the photographers have)..there'll be pictures hanging their.The goal of the game is to find a way out.Skip from picture to picture till you find the way out.

Hint: Find the picture of the hallway!!

Then after that is the last game.......a phone will appear in front of you.You've got a call.All you need is to follow the direction of the caller in order to get out.The question is..are you gonna trust someone whom you don't even know?Even he's your only hope?Well, I surely can answer that..but I won't tell you..just bear this in mind.."DON'T TRUST A NEW FRIEND or AN OLD ENEMY".That may just be a hint or probably be a simple quotation.Well,that's it!!Are we done? not until you go there and experience how good is it staying a night at Hotel626.
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