If there's an Anime that would remind me of Valentines Day it's the one and only -HAPPINESS!

The Protagonists love story started on Valentines Day and would perhaps,  tell you why girls gives chocolates to their crushes and girlfriends right on Valentines Day in accordance with the Japanese custom.Well,episode 1 goes like this....   Kamizaka Haruhi, when she was on her childhood was once saved by a young mage,YĆ«ma Kohinata, from the bullies of a park.After that Haruhi felt love and searches for the boy.Simultaneously she decides to go to a magic school,not just because of her interest but might as well,she could search for her love and finally give the chocolate she'd been storing since the day they've met every Valentines.Haruhi now, is a mage in training of Mizuhosaka Academy.On the other hand,Yuma the main character of the story,with his friends, Hachi and Jun Watarase was walking on the park when suddenly out from nowhere a magical power is coming towards them.Haruhi was with Anri Chan,her bestfriend that has a feeling of competition against Haruhi, and was called “Walking Disaster Slinkier”.She always causes unintended mischief like what had just happened.Yeah! She was the reason of why Yuma was hurt by the out-of-control magical power.Haruhi,in reflex, ran directly towards Yuma to see if he was okay or what.She tried healing Yuma with magical powers, awkwardly he refuses.Haruhi found out that Yuma's the boy who'd save her.And she finally gave the chocolate to Yuma.The chocolates of love.Then, because of the mysterious collapse of the school building of magical course, Haruhi transfers to the same class of Yuma, and his troublesome school days is getting worse.

So GIRLS!! do you have something for me this Valentines?Just kidding.I'd be having a lot of chocolates anyway..from ..secret!!!!So have a great time..withHAPPINESS!!! be happy!I managed to upload episode1 -ENJOY!!

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