One of the most amazing person I've been with.She's so energetic for her age, loving and will make you laugh and listen to whatever that comes out of her pouty mouth.Haha.What is she lost all of her teeth.Everything that comes out of her mouth is something to learn.My Lola Baby, my old loving granny.I have a lot of memorable moments with this folk, and one is that when I was in the hospital taking care of her.I actually spent my semester break with her at the Mindanao Hearts Center.My days on that place had been a lot of world to see.I've got the chance to take good care of her, knowing her more, as she's reclining on the hospital bed.She's 63 years old, but as what I've said she's energetic, hardworking and all.~PROBLEM FREE looking and would always plaster a smile.Believe it or not:

She walked for more like 80-100 km, IDk te exact distance but (for Davao residents this would help ~from AGDAO to TALOMO).That was when she was looking for her mom two years ago, Yes! looking for my 79 years old great grand mother.Don't worry, my lola's sister sympathized and they walked their way to wherever their feet would lead them.My great grandmother was lost.Lost like a child~you know oldies.And my two roving Lola's found their mom at the Mall.Haha.Funny, for a week of searching my great grand mother had been at the mall.IDK, someone reported she was last seen at Buhangin.Don't know the exact story...

[if you're from Davao, what's your estimated distance?]
While at the hospital , my lola had been such a hellion by day and angel at sleep. My days at the hospital had been tiring but fun.It might make me catch colds,looking over my lola, make me wanna scream with her complaints,scream with the doctors "this and that's" with matching a jabbing forefinger, make me stay awake until morning comes but I can't have those any other way that touches my heart.I love my lola so much.She's one of a kind.I love the way she scolds and reprimands.She's quite blunt but her scolding stuff would end up- us, cracking with it.Humorous.She's the only granny I can kid without losing respect.She's like, your closest barkada who would stick to you into a late nights gimmick.If there's anything I have got from her it's my being a vidkid.We both love TV, movies and all that stuff.She likes action and horror, and won't give a damn on comedy and romance.She screams when she wants too while watching some hair raising thriller.She can stay awake (alive n kickin) until 1:00 , then rest and wake up 4:00 in the morning.

We used to have out mini "sari-sari" store before.The two of us would wake up 4:00 just to open the store.Early birds, hehe..we'd pile up and arrange the items accordingly to where they should be.Then she will get upstairs and comes back with a hot cup of black coffee.I miss that!miss those days, those early morning mundane.

I've been missing the "puto maya and tsokolate" portion after hours of fooling around the public market.Everyday, we used to buy goods for the store at the market. Sides, it's not just an ordinary sari-sari store after all, Haha.What is we have the meat section and the vegie stall.And I'd be missing all of those, since last February 19 my lola has laid to rest~she passed away due to cardiovascular disease and hypertension.The last tine I've seen her was last Christmas. To be honest I was planning to visit her at the hospital when I knew that it has been her third attack last February two but something would always ruin it for me.I made excuses like "I visited my Lola..blah-blah-blah", convincing my teachers to avoid getting reprimanded which is all but a lie.LIARS! LIARS! pants on fire.Telling people excuses to make myself out of my own mess and whats wrong is that I made my "Lola" the whole reason of why I was unable to do the this and thats.I never should have done that~spell GUILT.And I never had the chance to see her since Christmas.We spent our Christmas with her, and that's gonna be the last.Last February 18 my mom planned of paying a visit to my granny because our Aunt told us that my lola couldn't hardly breath, heartbeat and pulse, unstable and all that would make us horribly worried.And for me its like everything she's telling on to us is but the LOUSIEST LIE.The only kind of hooey morons could take.I did not believe because I had been at the hospital with her for a week and she's strong as far as I could remember.It's just that she's inside the CCU with all the apparutus stuff monitoring her everything's.Though last year she wasn't able to enjoy the pleasure of eating.So many yummy things to avoid everything that she eat is bitter.It must have been the medicines that caused the bitterness.Wednesday it is! my whole family aside from me, went to the hospital to visit.I went home late.And wasn't able to catch up with them.I was planning to follow but my other Lola told me not to.It's way like nine and they'd probably be here in a couple of minutes.Then, I slump myself on to the sofa and my eyes rolled all over the place.Something wrong?I felt the eeriness around and made me whispered the word "DEJAVU".I know at some point I've experienced this before...

Yes! I did.And this is the third time.The first was when my family went to visit my Lolo at the Medical Center and I wasn't able to get inside because I was 10 years old, and the hospital won't allow kids to stay/visit at the hospital.IDK why, until now.Days after the visitation of my lolo died.

Second, this happen on my freshmen high school year.I was at my barkada's house.Before I left our house, I was told that they'd visit my Lola Mary whose getting weaker and weaker more like 4:00 in the afternoon.That afternoon, like I said, I was at my barkada's house.Later, it's about time to go home..i was hailing jeepneys when I remembered my Lola Mary.Their house is just close or so ( a ride would do).When I was in the house, with a slight surprise I wondered where they go.Darn it.I should have gotten my ass in there to visit my Lola Mary.The same thing happened..
me left in the house all alone, then came later when the bad news awaken the hell out of me~ she died.

And last, I was all that exist in the house.Waiting for my parents to come back.Including my siblings.Thinking postive that a good news would plaster a smile on my face.But when they arrived, a bad news faded my face away.The white clouds turned to grey.They told me my Lola's dying.Crumbs! I some point that I should have followed and see my Lola for the last time before anything else.And for that , I momentarily blame myself.If I was only there, she would probably be alive.Nah! I'm no miracle maker, but should have tried.

Anyways I don't want her to suffer any longer.Thursday came, I went ot school early.I was expecting that I'd be having my workshop on PE.But no fat, female version of mad-eye moody
existed aloft the backstage.I went to an internet shop because I felt like theres nothin to dawdle about.I did my project, posted another crappy blog, updated my timeline at plurk and all that I can do from 8:00 to 11:00.I went outside to have my lunch and resumed by 1:00.I went home eleven in the evening unaware of what had happened.But something made me feel wrong, gave me heart pumping moments and jitters and all.Right before I could reach our house my eyes involuntarily directed me to the chapel two blocks away from our house.Since its Thursday, i thought there's a mass taking place.I felt nervous, I couldn't figure out why.When I entered the gate, I was surprised of who in the hell is cuz.And what do you think he's doin?Friendly visit?Crap! he lives on the province and has so many things to do there since he's in charge of our Banana Plantation.Now, i know.Got the hint.I hurriedly went to the chapel.My head bowed down.Relatives on the sides, staring at me.Like they wanted to see me crying or want to see how my reaction would be like.I'm the man whose touchy when it comes to close people dying,but that's the only time I said this to myself "My Lola wouldn't allow me to cry, but crying has never been the issue or the basis of being a man".She's gone what can I do? Accepting the cruel reality is easier than regretting it. Now, she's totally gone..and probably after her burial which will take place at Mandug Cemetery( public) this coming Saturday I'd be deafen by silence.Now tell me where do I start? Not just that I'd be missing her but I'd be missing my relatives as well.Won't be seeing them after the burial.Not unless ~my moms siblings would gather together for a reunion or like that.My lola~ the bridge that connects us all together.The bridge that had collapse but I know someday someone would fix it for us.To keep in touch, and touch ones life.

GRANNY wherever you are~GOODBYE!!!
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