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Our Shoujo of the Month has 10 fashion tips for you guys.With Urd's elegance nobody can't be dazzled by her looks,..see how she wears these outfits.Her sense of fashion varies from her lifestyle.Her very impulsive and headstrong personality makes her fit on anything.On Urd's World? ANYTHING GOES.

Her classic Goddess outfit; brought by the eye catching violet matches her
long,ash hair.The golden outlines made her look like a magician. She wears the
most revealing dress ever.

This doctor stylish outfit would make you visit this doctor everyday.Only for
those who had there hearts broken.She might just be the one you've been lookin
for.Doctor LOVE.Free consultation and don't worry love potions are of the
affordable value.Dirty white lab gown, black and purple tube inside and leggings.

Ugh! It's really gettin hot in here.Urd proves that even after having a shower
she'd look perfectly well with her dazzling pose.Strapless bra, towel covering her hair and a plain white towel wrapped on her waist.

Now this so called "love guru" would probably tell you on howto be a great man.Just like the way she teaches Keiichi or so.She's wearin a teachers uniform.

Now, heres something hot.Like the weather's gettin hotter and March is coming which means-SUMMER.Party on the beach with this goddess, hey she might be a part-time bitch but don't cha ever mess up with her..when she goes swimming..or else...*super slap*

Who won't go with her in a disco or a ball if she's wearing the most jaw dropping pair of violet blush.

Now, heres what to wear on Chinese New year.She wore that last January and brought to her luck.Go Chinese style.

Need a nurse?See the Goddess nurse in pink? She'll not only give you the cure and medicines..she might as well give you the latest potions she'd got from heaven and hell.Who wouldn't be cured if she's the nurse?

Yeah.we know jingle belling had happened but Urd proves you that she can still wear this things up.Want something from her?I mean for free?

Simply heaven and hell swimsuit for next month.
Now what do you think?Isn't she one of the best models ever?
Do you have some tiptoptips?share them to us.

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