Again I came home late,last night.Better late than never!!And as usual my parents would have headaches apiece when I'm out in the metropolis late at night.I made them totally worried and all.Well,I've been a late comer since ,but didn't realized that I can be late twice in a row,Not until now.And as usual,my first stop (my favorite part)-to the kitchen.GREAT!! I had had a decent meal-burp!!
After the late supper,I sat down the chair next to the study table.On my right are books.Old classical novels,magazines,academic books,math,algebra,science,dictionary,encyclopedia and all those crappy stuff I had already red.And will read them again and again for the sake of escaping boredom.There was a great pause,as my eyeballs wandered the corners of the house.Sighed and yawned.BOREDOM!!!here we go again.Aside from reading another of my pastime is drawing.But i don't feel like it so I grab a book from the shelf.A 1962 book by William Edmund Barrett entitled "THE LILIES OF THE FIELD".
Well, i haven't got a single flip from this book.I didn't hesitated because I didn't like "religious" books and all that stuff.Its not that I have anything against religious stuff,God and all in that row.Its just that I don't feel like reading them.Well, I'm not even quite sure if it's a religious book or what.Notwithstanding the illustration ion the cover.There was a black guy on the roof a chapel and nuns waving below.UGH!whatever..I ended up reading the book.It's not that thick either.Hours would do.But it's late at night,more like 11:00.After reading the first chapter I craved for the rest six chapters left.
 Book Review:
The book is about a negro named HOMER SMITH and her German Nuns.He passed by the working nuns.When Old Mother Maria Marthe hired him of working.He agreed but he thought he'll be fixing the roof and all there was.The nun hired him not just for that.SHE WANTS HIM TO BUILD THEM A CHAPEL."Schmidt!" the east German old mother Maria Marthe calls SMITH."Ja!" kidded Smith.He did not agreed and decided to get his pay and leave,but there's something...Something that forced him to do so.Something he couldn't be regretful of but.THERES A BIG MYSTERIOUS BUT.He worked on the chapel,had breakfast,lunch and dinner with the nuns,played music with them,taught them English lessons and drove them into the Mass every Sunday.FYI, Homer's a baptist.You might as well find out for yourself what had happened or how it ended.Of course..I'm not gonna tell you that!Well,my favorite part of the story was when Homer Smith angrily and desperately forces Mother Maria Marthe to lend him his money(he'd worked for).Mother Maria couldn't understand what Schmidt is talking about?Homer finally went to his automobile and got a bible.He tries to persuade Mother Maria by quoting a bible verse but Mother Maria responds with a verse saying, "Look at the lilies of the field, they continue to appear beautiful even though they get no payment. The bloom is to honor God, but not to get paid for their work.." Sigh! I love it.
 Did you know that this novel had reached and got people touched on the silver screen!!?
(this proves it's worth readin)I'd rather read than see the movie..the movie is way like-oldies.BLACK & WHITE!say it with me.Black & WHITE.You can say that again.So for bookworms, this is highly recommended.
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